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EBU Academy supports the Transformation of PSM

EBU Academy wishes to support members in their transformation by tackling both urgent and important matters. But, how are we doing this? We are helping Members roadmap their transformation journey by addressing the many challenges they face in a concrete manner. For 2021, we have defined four priorities that will help Members transform themselves in a sustainable way. These four priorities are: making new content, developing new narratives, leadership, and security & protocols. 

The first two priorities address short term needs for members. They focus on creating new content and reinventing the traditional forms of content. They provide Members with quick wins and valuable opportunities that generate meaningful impact and results for PSM audiences. 

Our new courses that will help members professional in a concrete manner are:

  • Making new content which includes courses on podcasts, TikTok and news, and AI & news.
  • New narratives which includes courses on news formats for Gen Z, constructive/slow news and creative use of archive content.

The third and fourth priorities describe more ambitious and long-term projects that address a set of complex issues. They show the need for transformation at an organizational level, in a multiyear series of initiatives requiring sustained effort to achieve great results. 

  • Leadership with the flagship international Executive Programme, and the Leadership e-Master Class. Professional leadership is needed to drive PSM transformation, from planning to execution, and to lead them to a competitive edge.
  • Security & protocols with courses on security of journalists in the field, cybersecurity, crisis management, business sustainability and Live IP production.


We believe that learning is a continuous journey that everyone should take advantage of. That’s why we offer focused training, so professionals can sharpen their skills and confidently lead innovation in the media business environment. Driven by the needs of our Members and industry experts, we are able to tailor the learning adventure so everyone benefits now and beyond.

The EBU Academy offers Regional Learning Hubs to decentralize programmes and courses, with the aim to be more accessible to Members in terms of affordability and location. EBU Academy will sponsor the delivery of 2 training programmes per year at each hub.

 EBU Academy Regional Learning Hubs

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Master Classes

Fields of Learning

 Authoring & Programming
Create mobile content; harness the power of videos. Create online storytelling using appropriate media tools for video, audio, pictures and interactive components

 Brands & Values
Understand your market and audience motivations with insights into consumption patterns, new concents and the use of data. Appeal to a generation of millennials and their social and interactive media demands.

 Digital Culture & Technologies
Learn to connect with digital audiences; Learn how new technologies and tools can shape digital workflows and practices; Create cross-professional communities of practice within an integrated broadcast environment.

 Management & Leadership 
Create a vision; become a more effective manager and shape the future success of your organization. This portfolio includes a mini-MBA for top media executives.

Master the skills needed for a multiplatform digital environment; innovate in your news production and create compelling stories to leave your audience feeling empowered.

 Safety & Security
Learn to remain safe in hazardous environments while getting your story out. Corporate-level security issues are also addressed, such as crisis management and cyber and physical security


We work with some of the best media and educational establishments in the world including: 


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