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EBU Academy is our training centre. We help media professionals tackle the challenges facing public service media and stay at the forefront of the industry with a series of topical courses run by world-leading experts.

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 Authoring & Programming
Create mobile content; harness the power of videos. Create online storytelling using appropriate media tools for video, audio, pictures and interactive components

 Brands & Values
Understand your market and audience motivations with insights into consumption patterns, new concents and the use of data. Appeal to a generation of millennials and their social and interactive media demands.

 Digital Technologies
Optimize workflows. Identify key innovative tools, technologies and platforms to help you build your future.

 Management & Leadership 
Create a vision; become a more effective manager and shape the future success of your organization. This portfolio includes a mini-MBA for top media executives.

 News & Journalism
Master the skills needed for a multiplatform digital environment; innovate in your news production and create compelling stories to leave your audience feeling empowered.

 Safety & Security
Learn to remain safe in hazardous environments while getting your story out. Corporate-level security issues are also addressed, such as crisis management and cyber and physical security


We work with some of the best media and educational establishments in the world including:

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