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Eurovision Creative Forum 2014

The Eurovision Creative Forum is the first annual event for screening programme formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond.

Screen and be inspired

  • The first annual format screening event with only Public Service content
  • The possibility to meet and talk to the creators or producers of all these programs
  • The opportunity to vote for the 3 BEST AWARDS competition
  • Among 20 of Europe's most recent, innovative, enthralling and touching TV formats:

All Genres

From pure entertainment to factual, from religion to education, from show to documentary, all genres can be part of the selection. It is also an opportunity to meet the creators and producers to learn more about the formats and share experiences in a friendly atmosphere.

The Forum was launched in 2006 as an opportunity for Members  to screen and showcase innovative and recent programme formats; to pool their creative potential and establish an international PSM format network,” Eurovision Head of TV Bettina Brinkmann says. “Since then, the event has increased in popularity and we are now seeking to replicate the format’s success. The creation of new categories highlights the importance winning formats play in creating balanced programming.”

Ms Brinkmann says the Forum has been the starting point for many international success stories:
“Along the way, various formats have been adapted for other markets and awarded prizes. ‘Serious Request’ from NPO, Netherlands and ‘Never ever do this at home’ from NRK, Norway, which were awarded prizes in 2009 and 2011 respectively, are just two examples.”
The Forum is also open to PSM outside Europe, including Asia, Canada and the USA and is organized by the EBU in cooperation with ZDF, Germany, with the support of the Eurovision Formats Core Group.

Winners of the 2013 Eurovision Creative Forum

First: At war (Belgium, VRT)
Arnout Hauben, director
One hundred years after the First World War, three Belgian friends set out on a journey walking the European Frontline from the coastal town of Nieuwpoort to the legendary battlefields of Gallipoli in Turkey. Along the way, they record personal tales from then and now, and leave behind markers in memory of the soldiers and medical staff who served a century ago.

Second: It happened right here (Sweden, SVT)
Markus Sterky, Programming & Commissioning Strategist
What’s the dullest town you can name? Three historians have just three days to uncover unique historical facts about a town of modest reputation for local residents to commemorate.

Third: Let’s have dinner in my ghetto (France, France 4)
Sandrine Roustan, Director Programmes, France 4
Listen in as guests from contrasting social, economic, political and generational backgrounds come together in the suburbs to share an exotic dinner.

Best four runners up:

Instrumental (Ireland, RTÉ One)
Brian Graham, Producer and Managing director, Adare Productions
‘Instrumental’ joins six novice musicians, three celebrities and three members of the public on a journey to learn a musical instrument from scratch.

The coffin (Netherlands, NPO/EO)
Ellen Danhof, TV Editor, NPO and Anne Christine Giradot, Nachtzon Media
A series of ideological conversations with celebrities about mortality, as they journey into the past and speculate about the future in an old yellow Fiat 500, complete with coffin.

Pissed off (Finland, YLE TV1)
Mike Beale, Director of International Formats, ITV Studios
Five well known participants with a particular talent for short-tempered reactions, reveal how everyday setbacks get them so… pissed off! They appeal to the nation to join them in an eight-week coaching session to reduce stress and live longer.

Figure it out (The Netherlands, Netherlands 3)
Benthe Forrer, Creative Director Dahl/Blazhoffski
During a period of financial difficulty, a team of reporters investigates what we actually pay for, and why - applying calculations and making abstract comparisons which produce some unexpected and amusing results.

An extended creative forum

For this 2014 edition, the call for submissions will also be sent to the Fiction Experts and the Science & Knowledge Groups:

  • The Eurovision Fiction Creative Forum will take place in the afternoon of the on 15th September 2014.
  • Some Science Formats will be presented during the Eurovision Creative Forum on the 16th September 2014.


KALKSCHEUNE, Johannisstrasse 2 10117, Berlin, Germany

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