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15th Legal and Policy Assembly

Representatives from over 40 broadcasters gathered in Geneva on 26-27 April for the EBU's Legal & Policy Assembly. The agenda of this spring's session was focused on the future challenges for regulating policy in the audiovisual media sector.

The meeting kicked off with presentations on the outlook for the permanent services: EBU Director General Noel Curran spoke on his vision for the EBU, centred on Members. Richard Burnley, Legal & Policy Director, then presented the newly merged Legal & Policy Department and its overall mission. This was followed by EBU Sports Director Stefan Kürten's presentation of the EBU's new sports strategy.

Finnish public broadcaster Yle then took centre stage and outlined their vision of a future digitalised world in a session led by Marit Ingves (Head of Public Affairs, International Relations and Policy at YLE). During this session, Professor Mark Cole from the University of Luxembourg proposed new ways to approach media regulation in a changing world.

The Assembly also provided the opportunity to learn more about the new EBU group on platforms and the work being carried out by the permanent services to prepare for the forthcoming proposals at EU level on regulation.

Other discussions covered GDPR compliance and the progress of EU discussions on Digital Single Market initiatives. Members were also updated on current EBU projects such as MediaRoad and EBU Assistance to Members in the West Balkans.

Finally, the Assembly held elections to fill 5 vacant seats on the Legal & Policy Committee. Rodolfo Gilmartin Pérez (RTVE, Spain), Elene Mikhailova (GPB, Georgia), Alan Morrison (STR/SR, Sweden), Vicky Soultania (ERT, Greece) and Péter Tarr (HMG/MTVA, Hungary) were elected to the Committee and will serve for the remainder of the term. Full elections will be held during the Spring 2019 Assembly. (Complete list of LPC members available here.)


  • Welcome Speech - Noel CurranMembers Only
  • Update on the work of EBU Legal & Policy Department - Richard BurnelyMembers Only
  • New EBU Sports Strategy - Stefan KürtenMembers Only
  • Sports update: Advertising Rules - Oliver QuastMembers Only
  • European Championships - Jade DescheneauxMembers Only
  • Digitalisation in a changing society - Marit Ingves-Bacia, YleMembers Only
  • New media world - Aleksi Rossi, YleMembers Only
  • Implications of digitalisation for media regulatory policy - Prof. Mark Cole, University of LuxembourgMembers Only
  • Platform Policy and Regulation - Jimmy Ahlstrand (SVT), Konstantina Bania, Nicola Frank, Michael WagnerMembers Only
  • GDPR Compliance - Anne-Catherine BergMembers Only
  • Update on Project Athena - Richard BurnelyMembers Only
  • AVMS - Wouter Gekiere, Jenny WeinandMembers Only
  • Copyright - Julie Lenoir, Heijo RuijsenaarsMembers Only
  • Portability of Online Services - Heijo RuijsenaarsMembers Only
  • Yle: E-verification of residence for Yle Areena's content portability - Timo Enroth, YleMembers Only
  • Telecoms - Wouter Gekiere, Michael WagnerMembers Only
  • E-Privacy - Anne-Catherine Berg, Guenaelle Collet, Jenny WeinandMembers Only
  • Egta: EU Privacy & Data Protection, the ePrivacy Challenge - Conor Murray, François Lavoir - EgtaMembers Only
  • Projects & Initiatives - Nicola Frank; Agata Pateka & Hans Hoffman; Radka Betcheva; Isabelle Dochy; Guenaelle ColletMembers Only