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16th Legal & Policy Assembly

The Legal & Policy Assembly met at the EBU Geneva headquarters on 11th and 12th October to update senior legal and policy Members on latest developments impacting public service media in Europe and beyond, as well as providing an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking.

This edition focused in particular on the regulation of online platforms, with presentations by Bernardo Herman (CSA Belgium) and Tony Close (Ofcom UK) on an issue crucial for the future European media ecosystem. Members emphasised in particular the importance of prominence and findability of general interest content in the online environment. 

In addition, Members were informed about the latest work of the EBU ad-hoc Platform Regulation Group, including the EBU's common position on the proposed EU Business to Platform Regulation, and EBU participation in the EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Online Disinformation. There was also a more general update on the recent work of the EBU Legal & Policy Department, including the EU Digital Single Market initiatives.

There was also an opportunity for Members to break out into smaller groups to discuss existing and future EBU legal and policy Member services, to consider main priorities and to make proposals on what might be done differently and better.


    Day 1

  • Online Platforms - Richard Burnley Members Only
  • Online Platforms - Konstantina Bania Members Only
  • Online Platforms - Bernardo Herman, CSA Members Only
  • Online Platforms - Tony Close, OFCOM Members Only
  • Online disinformation - Code of Practice - Nicola Frank Members Only
  • Protection of Whistleblowers - Michael Wagner. Guenaelle Collet Members Only
  • Day 2

  • GDPR Compliance - Anne-Catherine Berg & Erwin Maussen, VRT Members Only
  • E-Privacy Regulation and content personalization - Anne-Catherine Berg, Guenaelle Collet, Alexandra Brenkman Members Only
  • Platform to Business Regulation - Konstantina Bania, Wouter Gekiere Members Only
  • EC Consultation on Competition Enforcement in the Digital Economy - Konstantina Bania Members Only
  • Telecoms - Wouter Gekiere, Michael Wagner Members Only
  • EU Copyright Reform - Heijo Ruijsenaars, Julie Lenoir Members Only
  • Breakout sessions Wrap-up - Richard Burnley Members Only