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All Things Being Equal 2020 Webinar Series

Do you want 2020 to be a pivotal year for your organization, truly harnessing all your available talent and taking gender equality to a new strategic level?
Are you a PSM manager wanting a deep-dive into winning strategies and best practice in the field, across Europe?
Following the publication of the EBU report All Things Being Equal, this webinar series will provide an actionable roadmap and illustrate some of the successful strategies - from PSM organizations and thought leaders on the subject - that can underpin a gender-equal media organization.

What you will learn

•    How to harness workplace data and staff feedback to diagnose the issues
•    Which metrics to select for tracking progress
•    Which are the effective workplace policies that enable true equality of opportunity
•    The importance of developing leaders and engaging with men
•    How to build and enable an inclusive workplace culture through flexibility, bias-free leadership
     and behaviours that attract and retain talent
•    What it takes to close the gender pay gap

Who it's for

This event is for EBU Members and media companies pursuing gender equality
•    Gender Equality Leads
•    Diversity Officers
•    Human Resources professionals
•    Team or Project Managers/Directors
•    International Relations Managers/Directors

Confirmed speakers

  • Tony Hall, Director General, BBC, and EBU President
  • Cilla Benko, Director General and CEO, Swedish Radio, EBU Board Member
  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Founder and CEO of 20 First, author and Forbes contributor
  • Marianne Bell, Culture and Progression Project Lead, BBC
  • Anne Foster, Head of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion, BBC
  • Bruno Laforestrie, Director, Mouv’ Radio and President Diversity Committee, Radio France
  • Nicky Davis, Director of Engagement & Inclusion, CBC/Radio-Canada

Useful links

For late registration please contact Nathaly Bronson at bronson@ebu.ch.


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  • Aligning Men, Women and Leaders on Gender Equality - Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO 20-firstMembers Only
  • CBC/Radio-Canada DEL (Developing-Diverse Emerging Leaders) Program
  • Radio France Gender Equality Index