20th Legal and Policy Assembly

This autumn session will include an open discussion on platform regulation with a special guest speaker: Frédéric Bokobza, Deputy Director General of the French Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel.

Among other things, there will also be an update on the Digital Services Act, Copyright files, and the most recent work of the newly established and interdisciplinary Legal and Policy Distribution Group (covering 5G, DTT Spectrum and Net Neutrality). Brief working documents and presentations on all topics will be made available to Members in due time.

In accordance with the EBU policy, the Zoom videoconferencing system will be used for this digital Legal and Policy day. To ensure your access to the event on 8 October 2020, please be sure to register.


 Digital Services Act_Part 1 (Context Introduction) - Wouter Gekiere  Members Only
 Digital Services Act_Part 1 (Content Issues) - Sarah Turnbull and Jenny Weinand  Members Only
 Digital Services Act_Part 1 (EDAP) - Julie Lenoir  Members Only
 Distribution_Update from the Legal and Policy Distribution Group - Vincent Sneed and Ausra Semeniene  Members Only
 UEFA Content Take Down Proposal - Heijo Ruijsenaars and Oliver Quast  Members Only
 Data Protection_Schrems II Case - Anne-Catherine Berg  Members Only
 Data Protection_Darf e-Privacy Regulation - Anne-Catherine Berg  Members Only



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Working Languages: English - French - Russian

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