The meetings of the European Broadcasting Union's Finance Assembly and Internal Audit Group offer a unique occasion for public service media professionals to discuss best practices on strategic planning, risk management as well as common financial and audit challenges and opportunities that are transforming the broadcasting industry.

We're very excited to bring you experts from the EBU community to speak about the challenges public broadcasters are facing today. Please join us to discuss various updates in the media sector and key strategic projects led by the EBU with our Members. There will also be several audit presentations on three lines of defense, agile and continuous audit approaches.

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss best practices, case studies and participate in interactive panel discussions with other public media peers.


  • Trends in the Television Market Restricted
  • Member Fee Reform Key Take Aways Restricted
  • Public Service Media Transcending Language Barriers Restricted
  • Eurovision Sport Update Restricted
  • Media Intelligence Update Restricted
  • The Three Lines Model Restricted
  • Financial Assembly Elections Update Restricted
  • Content Financing and Coproduction Restricted
  • RTE: New sources of funding Restricted
  • Hidden Costs of Externally Financed Projects Restricted
  • NRK: New sources of funding Restricted
  • RTE: Covid impact Restricted
  • BBC: Impact of COVID-19 Restricted
  • NRK: Covid impact on finance Restricted
  • Program Audit: Internal production Restricted
  • RAI: Internal Audit Group Meeting Restricted
  • SRG SSR: Internal audit on program production Restricted
  • RTE: Standards update Restricted
  • Case Study: 3 lines of defence model Restricted