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Public Service Media Drama for Youth: What works?

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Connecting with young adults is a challenge for public service media (PSM). Fortunately, EBU Members are making significant inroads with this demographic using fiction. Indeed, fiction brings young people together, helps them understand each other and realize that their concerns are universal.

During this event, we'll talk about fictional stories that performed well with younger audiences and could be replicated in other countries. We'll also learn about what made these projects successful from colleagues who worked on them:

  • Maria Thornqvist (SVT, Sweden)
  • Sened Dhab (France Télévisions, France)
  • Ellen Dorrestein (Avrotros/NPO, Netherlands)
  • Simon Holy (Czech Radio, Czech Republic)
  • Rogerio Gomes (RTP, Portugal)

This event is also an opportunity to discuss PSM collaboration around fiction content for young adults.

If you're interested in broader fiction issues, you’ll enjoy the Fiction Experts Annual Meeting on 18 May at 10:30.


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