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AIDI Spotlight on the BBC’s AI Work

Photo by Andrei Turca from Pexels

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Initiative (AIDI) puts a spotlight on the BBC and their work on AI and data, both in R&D and production.

This event, taking place on 27 September at 16:00, is the second instalment of a new series of virtual visits of EBU Members focusing on their AI-related work. We invite participants to look for commonalities, opportunities for contributions, collaborations with the BBC and get to know their work and team members.


  • Introduction and notes — Ben Fields
  • Using AI Techniques to Select Images with Editorially Desirable Characteristics for Thumbnail Purposes — Graeme Phillipson (presenting) and Alice Foster
  • The benefits of combining human & machine tagging to describe content —Tom Hodgkinson
  • Recommendations at BBC’s iPlayer — Jana Eggink
  • Leveraging BBC Introducing — Kristine Grivcova
  • Closing discussion and remarks

Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about how to attend this event if you are not an AIDI member.