Digital Media x New Radio Days: Online Edition

Registration is now open for the online edition of Digital Media x New Radio Days on 9 and 10 December. More speakers are being announced; make sure you scroll down to get to know them!

We have a limited amount of early bird tickets for our EBU Members only. You can either enjoy a single day or the two combined. Once we sell out of early bird tickets, regular pricing will apply so make sure to get yours quickly.

Guests joining from outside the EBU Member network are welcome to get regular tickets to attend day 1 of the event, Digital Media Day.

Day 2, New Radio Day, and early bird tickets are for EBU Members only.


You can read through the programme overview to get a more detailed idea of the sessions and their speakers for both days!

DAY 1 — DIGITAL MEDIA, 9 December

The detailed agenda is online for Digital Media Day. You can now discover all our sessions, their speakers, and what they'll be talking about! 

Session 1: The Big Trends Picture

What is happening in the world around us and why should we care? As the year draws to an end, we look at the big trends coming our way and how they affect public broadcasters. Yle (Finland) will give a snapshot of the trends affecting public broadcasters today, ASBU (Asia Broadcasting Union) will be talking about the digital trends in Asia, and finally we will discover the metaverse with Wunderman Thompson Intelligence.

Session 2: A Platform for Platforms

What is the ideal multi-platform strategy? Or is there even an ideal one? We encounter so many different platforms daily, but our behaviour on these platforms is constantly changing and evolving. Instagram, BR/SWR, and Vice will demonstrate how they brought WW2 activist, Sophie Scholl, to life for this day and age, Play Suisse (SRG SSR) will celebrate its one year anniversary and tell us what they learned this year, and we will discover the world of video in the car from Polestar and SVT.

Session 3: Sharp Shorts

What does it take to succeed on TikTok? How can you bring archives to life in a new way? how can you repurpose an old debate format work for today's young audiences?

Session 4: Data is Beautiful

Data is everywhere these days. Even though it's at our fingertips, data remains elusive and hard to decipher. How do we find the beauty in data? How do we understand the story it's trying to tell us and discover the insights needed to improve our approach? In this session, we'll learn how to look at the big data picture with a presentation from NRK (Norway) and BBC (UK), compare data from Instagram Reels and Tiktok by DW (Germany) and finally uncover the fun in the data from The Pudding (USA).

DAY 2 — NEW RADIO, 10 December

The detailed agenda is online for New Radio Day. You can now discover all our sessions, their speakers, and what they'll be talking about!

Session 1: What are the Strategies for Audio Platforms?

Part 1: The Public Service Media Audio-on-Demand Landscape report gave us a look at the audio world, but what do we make of it? Should we be digital-first or audio-first? Should we be on all 3rd party platforms? The report's author and some select Members will discuss the findings of the report and what lies ahead for public broadcasters' own audio platforms.

Part 2: We find ourselves in a new age of audio on platforms. Suddenly, audio is everywhere, even on legacy social media platforms. What has changed? Is everyone a podcaster or an audiophile now? And where does that leave public broadcasters and their content/distribution strategies? We will be joined by Facebook Audio and Spotify to discuss the developments in this space.

Session 2: Evolution of Radio in Cars

How have our in-car habits changed? Do we create our own listening experience or do we rely on others to curate and inspire us? In this session, we listen to the different scenarios for the future of in-car radio and how public broadcasters can maintain their relevance and strength within the car. 

Session 3: How is Audio Innovating?

How are EBU Members innovating in the audio sphere? Is there room for collaboration and co-creation? Discover how the Media Innovation Fund has been serving Members in the last couple of years and get inspired to apply in the next round. 




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Amélie Rossignol-Farjon
Senior Project Manager
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Video Talks

Marit Rossnes (NRK Radio) Ian Forrester (BBC R&D) Frank Zimmer (ORF musikprotokoll) Florian Thoma & Martin Zöller (BR) Co-hosts: Ute Hölz (Radio FM4/ORF) & Grace Zakka (EBU)