Women in Tech: Bridging the gender gap in public service media

Women in Tech: Bridging the gender gap in public service media

The future of growth is in Technology, one of the fastest moving sectors with the largest potential for employment. Yet, women remain wholly underrepresented in this sector and the gender gap is leaving many women unprepared for the future and leaving the technology sector deprived of vast potential.

And what is true about the gender gap in other sectors is also reflected in the media sector. In the run-up to Girls in ICT Day, hear from our speakers, who will share their strategies to bridge the gender gap:

  • Elena Capparelli, Director at RAI Digital
  • Bintou Loum, Chief Operations Officer at France Televisions Digital
  • Antonio Arcidiacono, Director Technology & Innovation at the EBU
  • Zydrune Vitaite, co-founder at WomenGo Tech Lithuania

This webinar is hosted at the initiative of the EBU’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion and the Gender Equality Steering Group.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion is an EBU Initiative. It supports EBU Member organizations’ work to reflect the societies they serve through diversity in their content and workforce.

The webinar will be moderated by Francesca Scott, EBU's Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer.




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