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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are top priorities for EBU Members and are intrinsic to our core values as public service media. They are key to creativity and innovation, better workplaces and content that resonates with all audiences. This is the home of our DEI communities, events and knowledge sharing. Come and learn what Members are doing successfully to implement DEI at an organizational level and within their content strategies.

On March 8th, the EBU will be marking International Women’s Day with a range of events, musical celebrations and new research. Check out our events and resource listings below for more information on how we #EmbraceEquity


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Learn how different Members are successfully putting into practice new ways of working. Your input is welcome in helping shape the future or our DEI efforts for public service media.

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Breaking Barriers in Public Service Media

This casebook showcases best practice from dozens of EBU Members and Associates across the world. It’s a place to find inspiration and show how public service media organizations are making diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority. You will see how applying these strategies not only create a better, more productive working environment, but also helps media reach, represent and resonate with all audiences. 

This resource offers case studies across EBU’s five categories of underrepresentation: gender equality, ethnic and racial diversity, disabilities, generational diversity and LGBTQI+ communities. The work is further split into the themes of content, workforce, training and accessibility to help you easily access initiatives that are relevant to you.

There are many other initiatives under way and many more now classified under the DEI heading. With this interactive format, we will regularly bring you the latest and most relevant case studies as they become available.

This casebook would not have been possible without the contribution of EBU Members and Associates already on this journey, all of whom have been generous enough to share their experiences to empower others. 

We hope it will help drive your efforts, and look forward to supporting and strengthening DEI policies across the EBU community both on screen and in the workplace.

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Find additional guides, research and video talks on DEI in our Knowledge Hub. For a full list of case studies, explore our case studies library.


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By Delphine Ernotte Cunci
EBU President, and
CEO of France Télévisions

It is my pleasure and honour to present this very first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) casebook produced by the EBU team with highly valuable contributions from Members. 

Public service media (PSM) have demonstrated their unique value in times of crisis and uncertainty: the high level of trust in our news coverage is a strong signal. Breaking barriers is indeed what PSM are challenged to do every day, as they keep up with their ever-evolving audiences. Therefore, it is our core mission to address all audiences fairly, and to share their vision, aspirations and inspirations.  

Online news and digital conversations have brought us to a whole new level of interactions. Our responsibility as PSM is to use this space as an opportunity for all voices to be heard rather than for misunderstanding to grow. 

Studies show that diversity in business rewards creativity and innovation. As PSM work to transform, we believe that the value of DEI allows for useful answers to embrace the challenges ahead: the challenge of relevance, the challenge of making a difference and the challenge of preparing for the new future of work. 

This multimedia casebook showcases public service media initiatives that address the EBU’s primary DEI categories: gender equality, race and ethnic diversity, disabilities, generational diversity and LGBTQI+. Together they offer advice across different areas including content, workforce, skilling and technology. 

I thank all the contributors for their insights and hope you’ll feel inspired by a new generation of decision-makers, role models, digital storytellers, content producers, educators, journalists and entertainers, thinking outside of the box and beyond barriers. 


By Stefan Eiriksson
Chair of EBU DEI Steering Group, and RUV Director General

This casebook will show the work that many public service media (PSM) organizations are already doing to further Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), which is already an intrinsic part of our DNA. As PSM, we have an important role to play in making our content accessible to all and reflective of the communities and societies we serve. In putting the casebook together, we have gathered a myriad of examples of PSM at work. Yet our work is far from done. 

DEI, is from my point of view, at the heart of our role as PSM. It is therefore essential for us to deliver and progress.  At the same time this is a learning experience. We have and we will make mistakes in our effort to improve, and that’s part of the journey. 

Therefore, it is very important to share knowledge, on our achievements and mistakes as well. What worked well? How did we develop good ideas into great ones? And what difference did that make in our work, both internally and in our programmes as well? Let’s share, listen and learn from each other to make our PSM even better and more relevant for all. And please, grab all these great ideas, make them your own and even try your best to improve them for the benefit of us all. 

Finally, I would like to underline the importance of a strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in our strategy now and for the future. Our commitment as leaders in all positions must be clear and visible as well. We all have the power to make a difference. 

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