The EBU Media Days will take place in person at the EBU Headquarters from 5-7 October 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Register now and take a look at our schedule overview.

This 3-day Members-only event will bring together the following EBU Media flagship events:

EBU Creative Forum (Wednesday 5 October)

Creative Forum is the annual event showcasing the most innovative recently produced public service media factual and entertainment formats. This unique forum offers EBU Members an opportunity to discuss TV and digital formats, from content acquisitions and development to commissioning for non-fiction programmes, organize co-productions and the sharing of studio facilities, and talk about pooling creative potential.

Take a look at the programme overview and agenda, which include the formats that will be presented during the event.

The three best formats of 2022 have finally been revealed: congrats to "The Naked Truth About Sex” (VPRO) “The Cycle Club” (VPRO) and “The Filter Bubble” (SVT)!

EBU New Radio Day (Wednesday 5 October)

We believe now is the ideal time to try something new, and we are excited to announce a fresh format for the 2022 New Radio Day: unconference.

New Radio Day is an event that emphasizes on meaningful conversations and real connections. To make the event a success, we need your ideas and energy! The main focus will be live and linear radio, distribution and automotive trends, and younger generations and radio.

Everybody will have the opportunity to put sessions on the agenda: once registered, we encourage you to think about topics you'd like to see at the event.

  • What is the biggest challenge or question for your company right now? Would you like to initiate a conversation around this topic?
  • Do you have a prototype or project that you want to show during the event?
  • Have you been struggling with a particular area? Could you benefit from ideas and inspiration from your peers?

This event will be in person only. Take a look at this note to best prepare for the day.

EBU Digital Media Day (Thursday 6 October)

Digital Media Day is the gathering point for digital professionals from the EBU Membership. Join us for this year’s edition to discuss how your digital platforms are becoming the critical channels to reach your audiences and the role of big tech.

We’ll aim to answer the following question: where does the metaverse fit in our ecosystem and what can it bring to Members?

As always, we've lined up inspiring talks from Members and industry speakers for you:

  • The creation of a new public broadcaster in 2022 from NPO/OMROEP ZWART
  • The audiences of the future, with Dubit
  • DR's platform seamlessness and a multi-app strategy for kids
  • BR will showcase their documentary experience of the Olympic Games in Munich, the Munich Massacre and how virtual reality (VR) was used to commemorate this tragic event
  • The launch of VRT MAX
  • How did NRK "consciously uncouple" from social media?
  • What would VRT, Yle, and DR islands look like in Roblox?
  • Show and tell from the BBC and S4C (UK)

Find more in the programme overview and take a look at the detailed agenda

EBU Connect (Friday 7 October)

The EBU Connect Steering Group has lined up some great sessions to help you focus on, plan for, and tackle the ever-changing challenges facing public service marketing in all its forms, traditional and new. EBU Connect will feature inspiring speakers, innovative projects and case studies in the fields of public service marketing, branding and promotion. In particular, we’ll talk about creativity, innovation and transformation: 

  • How to better understand the next generations' behaviours, and what it means for the future of public service media marketing. 
  • How can we maintain the relationship with our audiences and stay relevant?
  • How will this affect your organization’s marketing structure and culture?

Take a look at the schedule overview and the detailed agenda.

2022 EBU Connect Awards Winners now revealed:
We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2022 EBU Connect Online Awards! You can download the full list and watch all the winning promos on Showcase.

Congratulations to all 12 winning organizations: France Télévisions, LRT, ARD/DAS ERSTE, SWR/BR, BBC, SVT, RTÉ, VRT, ZDF, DR, S4C, VRT  and a huge thank you to all the Awards participants who submitted their work for the competition this year.

Social Events

Participants will also be able to join our networking events on 5 and/or 6 October, which will include the Creative Forum best formats announcement and the Connect Awards ceremony.

We look forward to welcoming our colleagues from Europe and beyond, and hosting you in Geneva in October!


The presentations from the EBU Media Days are restricted to participants of the event.

Creative Forum

The Football Haters (DR) - Kitt Herner Hofbæk (DR) and Melissa Ellen Margaret Vardy (DR)

Homo Universalis Ketnet (VRT) - Anne Dreesen (VRT) and Julie Dewit (VRT)

Fight for the Futureking Throne (NHK) - Mayuko Hori (NHK)

Are You Sure? (SVT) - Mia Alvernik (SVT)

The Cycle Club - Annelies Termeer (VPRO)

Andaz (WDF) - Sabah Wahbe (WDR)

The Naked Truth About Sex - Ruby Deelen (VPRO)

#CallRiadh - Martine Mertens (VRT) and Lara Richir (VRT)

Suspline Ukraine on fight with Russian propaganda (UA:PBC) - Lukian Halkin (UA:PBC)

Don't do this to the Climate (NRK) - Ole Petter Klepp (NRK) and Jon Arne Hoff Johansen (NRK)

Buris - Cage (LTV) - Anna Platpire (LTV) and Evalds Dukuls (LTV)

The Filter Bubble (SVT) - Jorun Collin (SVT) and Linn Svalö (SVT)

The Inheritance (NRK) - Ingrid Skaare (NRK) and Kjell Erik Moen (NRK)

Art on the Brain (ABC) - André Renaud (BBC Studios)

The Connection (BNNVARA) - Tanja van der Goes (All Right Media) and Hans Bouwens (MediaLane)

The Ultimate Christmas Star (NRK) - Mirja Minjares (NRK) and Marcus Sand Hukkelaas (Magga & Anders)

Freeze the Fear (BBC) - André Renaud (BBC Studios) 

Marika Carlsson is a Curious Deaf & Sexy Hands (SVT) - Elisabeth Ulfsparre (SVT)


Digital Media Day

If it doesn't exist online, it doesn't exist - Akwasi Ansah  (NPO Zwart)

How public service media (PSM) can reach and engage the next generation of digital audiences - Adam Woodgate (Dubit Trends)

Boosting own platforms: Future multi-app setup for kids apps -  Maria Rosengren Kennet  (DR)

“Consciously uncoupling”: NRK’s relationship with social media-  Laurie MacGregor (NRK)

Real Talk: Reach, Revenue & Audience Experience — a balancing act -  Riyaad Minty (TRT)

EuRoblox: VRT + Yle + DR + you? -  Gregg Young (VRT)

Munchen ‘72: Remembering tragic events using VR-  Matthias Leitner (BR), Eva Deinert (BR)  and Annick Buhr (BR)

Activating communities through micro-distribution -  Elan Iâl Jones  (S4C)



Europe in 2022 – An insight into key political, media and audience trends from across Europe -  Kelly Beaver (Ipsos UK and Ireland)

Who is Generation Alpha? How to understand changing audience behaviour -  Alexander Nieschwietz (WDR) and Vanessa Beule (WDR)

ARD-Zukunftdioalog: How PSM are evolving according to people's concerns -  Michael Worringen (WDR)

PSM Digital Marketing Strategy: How to transform a marketing department to be fit for the future -  Hannu Haapasalo (Yle)

VOD Player: Pa-European Overview: How to see where your VOD player is compared to others -  Léa Besson (EBU MIS)

Boosting Yle Areena: How does Yle boost the No. 1 streaming service and digital brand in Finland -  Juhana Säilynoja (Yle)

Mental Availability - The Way Forward: Audience acquisition challenges and how to overcome them -  Christer Mellstrand (SVT)

Retooling the BBC - Designing for a Digital Future: How to rebrand your organization for a digital future -  Jane Callingham (BBC) and Laurence Honderick (BBC)

AI Superpowers: Hype or Opportunity? How AI will reshape media and media companies - and how to ride it, not fight it! - Carsten Lakner (Media Catch) and Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf (Media Catch)

NRK vs. Spotify: How NRK won listeners back from third-party distributors -  Christine Viland (NRK)

RTBF IXPE: A Gaming Media for a Gaming Audience who doesn’t Like the Concept of Media - Greg Carette (RTBF)

ARD's and ZDF'’s «FUNK» Platform - Stefan Spiegel  (ARD/ZDF)

18m = 2x, How to Double your Digital Audience in 18 Months - Sinclair Godon (France Télévisions)

#LithuaniaGoesYellow -  Justina Vaitkevičiūtė (LRT)

Participation fees

Your fee depends on the number of days you will attend the event.

1 Day ticket: EUR 150
5 OR 6 OR 7 October
Including 1 social event on 5 OR 6 October

2 Days ticket: EUR 230
5-6 October OR 6-7 October
Including 2 social events on 5 AND 6 October

3 Days ticket: EUR 300
5-6-7 October
Including 2 social events on 5 AND 6 October


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