Young audiences and news: Joint EBU-Reuters Institute webinar

Young audiences and news: Joint EBU-Reuters Institute webinar

The EBU and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism organize an online webinar on young audiences and news. During the session, the Reuters Institute and Craft will present recent research on how to reach and engage with young audiences, with a specific focus on news. The webinar will take place on Zoom, on Tuesday 18 October 2022 at 14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST.

Please note that this is a public event, free to all audiences. We kindly invite you to share the link to the event page with other colleagues.

On the agenda

How do young people get their news? And how can news publishers, and especially public service media, reach this elusive audience? These are the questions at the heart of the webinar. After a short introduction by Florence Hartmann from the EBU, the event will explore issues such as news avoidance, weaker connections with mainstream media, and the rise of influencers with the help of new qualitative and quantitative research from the Reuters Institute. 

After the presentations, we will receive questions from the audience. We all invite you to contribute to this Q&A to make this an interactive session.


  • Liz Corbin, European Broadcasting Union. Liz is the Deputy Media Director and Head of News.
  • Dr Florence Hartmann, European Broadcasting Union. Florence is the Manager at the Media Intelligence Service (MIS), the market research unit of the EBU.


  • Kirsten A. Eddy, Research Fellow, Reuters Institute. Kirsten studies the interplay of journalism, politics, and digital media, with a focus on moral and civic media and political discourse. Kirsten is the author of a chapter on the attitudes and behaviours of young audiences that is part of this year’s Digital News Report, which she will present during the webinar. You can access the chapter here.
  • Konrad Collao, Founder, Craft. Craft specialises in using audience research to help media, technology and entertainment clients across the globe anticipate and respond to change. Konrad is the author of a recent report commissioned by the Reuters Institute and based on qualitative interviews with 72 young people in the UK, the US and Brazil. This report will be the focus of his presentation during the webinar.



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Contact detail

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Project Manager
Dorien Verckist
Senior Media Analyst
+41 22 717 2184

Video Talks

Konrad Colao - Founder, Craft;  Kirsten A. Eddy - Research Fellow, Reuters Institute (UK);  Liz Corbin - Deputy Media Director and Head of News, EBU;  Dr Florence Hartman - Manager of Media Intelligence Service (MIS), EBU.