Folk Music Group

The Folk Music Group works to enhance collaboration and exchanges among radio organizations in these specific musical genres.

The role of the Group is to:

  • assist in the exchange of folk and traditional music concerts, programmes and projects for EBU radio producers
  • offer outstanding musical events and share expertise with their audience
  • present the diversity of European musical culture and play an important role in making folk and traditional music popular
  • organize the Euroradio Folk Festival
  • initiate new projects
  • produce annual projects such as:
    • Folk Music Christmas Project
    • Folk Music Easter and Spring Project

Since the EBU Folk Festival will not be held this year, EBU Folk Producers are invited to contribute to an “EBU Folk Music Special”, celebrating and showcasing the current Folk and Roots music scene, by providing music selections based on one of the following criteria:

  • new live recording of an artist/group that could/should have been present in Rudolstadt
  • concert or radio session recorded during the 2020-2021 pandemic
  • live recording from no more than two years ago.

Group Coordinator

Mats Einarsson (SR)

Contact detail

Laurent Marceau
Editor, Live Music & Projects, Popular Music
+41 22 717 2613

Community Space