Investigative Journalism Network

The EBU's Investigative Journalism Network started in 2017 and has since grown to include more than 100 reporters from organizations across the EBU membership.

The aim of the group is to identify and promote investigative journalism projects that will lead its members to publications with clear impact in several European countries. It is also a place to exchange ideas through workshops (presential and online) and facilitate networking between reporters from different EBU newsrooms.  

In collaboration with EBU Academy, the group also aims to explore opportunities for training sessions, aiming to share best practice between its members.

The first EBU Investigative Journalism Network workshop open to all interested Members took place in 2019, at the EBU Brussels office. It brought together 36 investigative journalists from 20 organizations who pitched stories that could benefit from working together with one or more EBU Members. This was followed by another topic-specific workshop, centred around Chinese activities in Europe at both an economic and political level. In 2020, the online pitch workshop brought together 30 participants from several organizations who discussed story ideas previously selected from member proposals.

Story groups were created for reporters to share research and news content on several of these stories.

Shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak started in Europe, members of the EBU Investigative Projects and Network (EIPN) started sharing content with each other to overcome the reporting restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Dozens of long-format stories were shared with footage from Spain, Italy, United States, Belgium, Austria, and France allowing journalists to access first-hand accounts of the situation in the frontlines of the outbreak.

The investigative journalists are to meet again in autumn to evaluate achievements and decide how to best work on the expansion of this valuable network giving EBU Members an unparalleled resource to quickly source information on the stories that matter.

The activities in this area are led by the EIPN Steering Committee — an expert group reporting to the EBU Executive Board and supported by EBU News. The committee is composed of the following member organizations ZDF, VRT, NRK, DR, RTE, RTBF, YLE, NPO/Human, BBC, TVE and FT, and currently chaired by Olle Zachrison, Head of Digital News Strategy at Swedish Radio.

How to join

The network is open to all EBU Members, subject to prior approval by the EIPN Steering Committee. Eligible Members must meet the criteria defined by the Steering Committee which includes adhering to the EBU's Core Values of Public Service Media or having demonstrable investigative journalism expertise.

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Steering Committee

The committee is composed of the following Member organizations: ZDF, VRT, NRK, DR, RTE, RTBF, YLE, NPO/Human, BBC, TVE and FT. The current chair is Olle Zachrison, Head of Digital News Strategy at Swedish Radio.

Contact detail

Belen Lopez Garrido
News Editor