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Working with Members to facilitate partnerships with big tech to better serve audiences



Non-traditional competitors with new technologies and changing consumer behaviour are forcing public service broadcasters to rethink their traditional model. There is a growing need to understand and build stronger and more beneficial relationships with industry-leading third-party platforms and new media value chain players to ensure public service media (PSM) stay relevant in the new and changing media ecosystem.

Through a mandate from the Executive Board, our Digital Unit and the Digital Steering Committee are approaching FAANGS-related activities from two key avenues:

  • Strategic - through identifying contacts and establishing connections at the right level with FAANGS companies, the EBU is structuring discussions at the highest level with these third parties on a limited number of key issues that are of strategic importance for PSM. These conversations also allow the EBU to build knowledge and share insights and best practices, both at the strategic and productional level, to help EBU Members make informed decisions.
  • Tactical - helping Members to resolve a number of key editorial, production and content-related issues with platforms and third parties. This happens through direct dialogue with our Members and direct contact with the platforms, ensuring connections at the right level, aiming for improvements and tangible outcomes in key areas.


Kids and Online Platforms

Throughout the work done on the main FAANGS talks, there have been several intersections between the Kids community and the online platforms. Therefore, the EBU Kids and Young Audiences team and the Digital team saw the need to create a dedicated sub-group to manage this intersection. The focus is on the partnerships and distribution aspect of these platforms, noting that there is already a Social Media Group looking after content strategies.

The key outcome of the community will be to exchange knowledge, best practice, raise issues and incidents, and tackle challenges together.

To join this community please contact Grace Zakka or you can request to join the Microsoft Team for this community.



09 OCTOBER 2020
Public Service Media VOD Landscape

Public Service Media VOD Landscape Members Only

This report provides you with an overview of public service media (PSM) video on-demand (VOD) platforms...

30 OCTOBER 2019
Music Streaming Platforms and Public Service Media

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More resources

EBU/Google Content Digitization Proposal 2021 (Summary)

In early 2020, the EBU Digital team were approached by Google regarding a content digitization facility in Munich, Germany that is the central location for digitizing content (archival tapes) for partners.

Google inquired if the EBU Member community would be interested to take advantage of this facility to digitize their content free of charge*. Google offers this to partners (in this case EBU Members) who are not able to carry out their own digitization efforts locally – either Members do not have the capability, the manhours, the budget, or simply have a very large volume of archive content and will need help in managing the workload.

Throughout 2020, the EBU Digital Team and the Google team worked together to understand and agree on the parameters of this offer, what requirements would be expected of Members, and what the involvement of the EBU would be moving forward.

The teams also formalized this offer through a contractual agreement that has been signed by both parties, it can be used by interested Members as it is, or can be a basis for Members to work on their own custom agreement with Google. The agreement is available upon request for those Members that are interested. More details on the process proposed by Google are also available.

EBU Digital: Wrapping up 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021

As we in the Digital Unit look to close up 2020 and reflect on some things that had a major impact, we asked some of our Members to reflect on what surprised them in 2020 and what they're looking forward to in 2021. You can read here about EBU Member thoughts and reflections on transformation, audiences, online platforms, diversity & inclusion, and most important the strength of PSM.

EBU Kids and Google Play Store Survey Report

Recently some EBU Members have voiced concerns over their kids/family applications being rejected from the Google Play store for various reasons. To understand if this is a wider issue, the EBU Media Digital team along with the Kids and Young Audiences team surveyed more Members. This document serves as a roadmap to tackle the issues raised by EBU Members.

EBU Kids and FAANGS Survey

The EBU Young Audiences and Digital teams collected various Members strategic priorities on FAANGS, specifically for the Kids/Youth brands. The survey serves to inform Members about how FAANGS are perceived throughout the network, as well as guide the EBU on how to better service Members on this topic. The data was collected over the summer of 2019 and the report was published in October 2019.

Rights in the New International Fiction Landscape

With the ever-changing non-linear landscape, how can we compete with the big players when it comes to our Members online players? What are some best practices from around the network?

BBC, SVT, and NRK share their cases on how they prioritized their players for the new landscape, as well as sharp shorts from many more Members in the network.


Every month the EBU prepares a “FAANGS Update” for EBU Members who are involved in FAANGS discussions which summarizes the most pressing issues and topics that impact public service media and their relationship with platforms and social networks on an editorial, production, and strategic level. To receive this update, please contact the EBU Digital Team, via Grace Zakka (Senior Project Manager).

Incident Reporting

If you have a specific issue or incident with any of the online platforms (FAANGS), please fill out this form and we will get back to you with the necessary guidance or help. 



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Platform Strategy Lead

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