Spring according to Igor: Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring and the Ballets Russes

Spring according to Igor: Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring and the Ballets Russes
Composer Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)

For the 50th anniversary year of Igor Stravinsky’s death, listeners are invited to explore the life of this musical giant. Musiq3/RTBF offers a five-part 30-minute series that can be used and adapted by all EBU radio organizations in their own languages. The EBU Music Unit encourages all its community to join this special initiative and provide listeners with a high-quality and exclusive public radio production. 

In this series entitled "Le printemps selon Igor" (Spring according to Igor), available in MUS as SM/2021/05/11/01-05, we go with Igor Stravinsky behind the scenes of his creative process for The Rite of Spring, a work whose novelty triggered one of the most famous scandals in music history. With him, we are caught up in the excitement of the Ballets Russes and the vision of Serge Diaghilev, determined to transform the world of classical dance. Along the way, Vaslav Nijinsky, whose dancing stunned the entire world, shares with us pages from his Journal. We also meet Gabrielle Chanel, alias Coco, in the midst of taking Paris by storm, while pursuing a torrid love affair with Stravinsky.

Material distributed

  • English and French scripts
  • Audio with all the complete music excerpts used in the episode, without presentations (WAV/FLAC sent when ordering the concert)
  • French version of the complete series 
  • Detailed list of commercial music used
  • Music cue sheet 


The scripts are subject to authors' rights and need to be declared to your dedicated collecting society.
Online use such as streaming and podcasting is subject to local agreements with collecting societies.


Written and produced by Axelle Thiry, Producer, Musiq3/RTBF
Sound editing by Thierry Lequeux, Sound engineer, Musiq3/RTBF
English translations by Richard Cole, Senior Translator and Music Editor, EBU  

Musiq3 has long been producing radio series. Many topics have been featured on various occasions and have always been well received in the press and by audiences. Telling stories in a rich audio context has proved to be a wonderful way to learn about music, musicians and their time. It is also a means to interest new listeners and to offer them an exciting journey of discovery.

Interview with Axelle Thiry

Read the interview with Axelle Thiry, author and producer of the series.



French, English

Year of production
2013, 2021

Created By
Axelle Thiry, Musiq3/RTBF

Proposed by

Thierry Hellin, Alexandre Tharaud, Stéphanie Van Vyve

Executive Producer
Axelle Thiry

Production Company

Contact detail

Mireia Pacareu Fauquier
Editor, Live Music & Projects, Classical Music
+41 22 717 2986