NEWS published on 13 Oct 2015

New EBU studies reveal TV and Radio still important to European citizens

Three new studies from the EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) have revealed that despite the growing availability of other media outlets, TV and Radio retain their importance amongst European citizens.

  • In 2014, 88% of European citizens watched television in an average week, and 84% listened to radio.
  • PSM play an important role in this, with an average market share of 22.1% for TV, and 36.9% for radio.

These are some of the figures that can be found in MIS’ annual TV and Radio audience trend reports. Both reports provide analysis of viewing and listening times reach and market share across European markets.

The Media Intelligence Service has also published its annual PSM Barometer, a reference tool for broadcasters to benchmark their activities against other EBU PSM organizations. This collection of maps and charts, which cover EBU Members’ audience, offer, programming, funding and personnel, shows the different realities and diverse approaches to PSM within the EBU community

All three documents make use of the data provided by EBU Members through the annual Media Intelligence Survey. They are available exclusively to EBU Members on the Media Intelligence Portal.

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