NEWS published on 27 Oct 2017

EBU Members mark World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

EBU Members are marking World Day for Audiovisual Heritage today with a series of different initiatives. 

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is an opportunity to honour the audiovisual preservation professionals and institutions that help safeguard our heritage for future generations. Organised by UNESCO and the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Association, the day draws attention to the many technical, political, social and finanial risks to our audiovisual heritage and celebrates the work of those who are trying to protect it.

RTÉ's Brid Dooley, who is President of FIAT/IFTA (a professional association for people working to protect the broadcast archive) said: "Archiving in today's digital world is a highly complex discipline. It is recognised for the part in plays in maintaining and developing our national and European audiovisual cultural heritage as well as the essential contribution it makes to the creative digital economies.

"The funding deficit for many to safeguard and preserve legacy archives is still a major concern. FIAT/IFTA is committed to working with the EBU and others raise awareness and help spearhead innovative solutions to this pressing problem for PSM throughout Europe."

The theme for this year's day is 'Discover, Remember and Share' and is an opportunity for our Members to highlight the work they are doing to protect their rich archive of television and radio programmes. 

EBU Director General Noel Curran said : "The audio-visual archives of PSM are incredible resourses and help preserve the history and the culture of Europe.

"However many Members face big challenges in digitizing their archives and making them widely accessible to their audience. That's why the EBU helps Members to connect and exchange best practices."

The EBU has been working closely with Members to support them in preserving their archives. Bulgarian National Radio is just one of those marking the day with the publication of a new web portal

Anelia Krandeva, who is managing the project for BNR, said: "As a national sound archive, we preserve the sound memory of Bulgaria. Our archives REMEMBER for the future generations the time testimonies, we DISCOVER interesting materials for our audience, and via this site we SHARE through open access on digital platform our heritage and invaluable sounds."



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