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EBU supports Bulgarian journalists in protests against political pressure

12 October 2017
EBU supports Bulgarian journalists in protests against political pressure
Image: Bulgarian News Agency BTA

The EBU supports Bulgarian journalists in their protest against political pressure and urges politicians to refrain from interference in journalists' work.

After days of tension between the ruling parties' politicians and the media, Bulgarian journalists have staged protests to defend their right to work free from political pressure.

The EBU reminds Bulgarian politicians, that Public Service Media (PSM) in Europe are guarantors for freedom of expression and media pluralism and each attempt to attack their independence is an attack against democracy.

EBU Director General Noel Curran says that "one of the six core values of Public Service Media, adopted unanimously by our Members, is independence. The implementation of this value ensures the distinctiveness of PSM and maintains their credibility to society.

"It is a responsibility of each EBU Member to be objective and impartial. We support BNT and BNR in their endeavours to sustain high journalistic standards in their work."

EBU Member BNR is currently hosting the EBU Legal and Public Policy Assembly in Sofia and is assembling PSM representatives from all over Europe to exchange best practice and knowledge on media legal matters. 

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Radka Betcheva

Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe

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