NEWS published on 06 Dec 2018

Funding of PSM report highlights challenge of providing more services with less funding

Public Service Media is having to offer more services at a time when funding continues to decline.

"Funding of Public Service Media 2018", a new report from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS), shows that funding in the EBU area decreased by 1.4% year-on-year in 2017.

Over a third of PSM organizations faced cuts in the last year, which could only be partly met by efficiency gains. Many were forced to reduce programming investments.

Although the report shows a nominal growth of 2.9% in funding over the last five years, when inflation is taken into account, that equates to a 0.6% drop in real-terms.

EBU Members currently offer nearly 2,000 television and radio channels alongside numerous online platforms. And they do all this at an average cost of just 0.10 euros per citizen per day.

David Fernandez Quijada, Manager of MIS said: “Public service media undoubtably delivers great value for citizens.But, at a time when it is being asked to do more to serve all audiences, governments need to ensure it has secure and sustainable funding."

“This is essential if it is to maintain its important role at the heart of democratic societies,” he added.



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