NEWS published on 17 Jan 2019

EBU and Polskie Radio to establish Academy training hub

EBU and Polskie Radio to establish Academy training hub
Noel Curran, DG de l'UER, aux côtés d'Andrzej Rogoyski, Président de la Radio polonaise

The EBU has taken the first steps to establish an EBU Academy regional learning hub in Warsaw with partner Polish Radio.

Journalists from Polish Radio, and other regional broadcasters, will soon be able to participate in classes conducted by world class experts.

A letter of intent was signed today in Warsaw (17 January) by EBU director general Noel Curran and members of Polish Radio's management board Andrzej Rogoyski and Mariusz Staniszewski.

"The goal of our cooperation is to organize a training hub in Warsaw in order to increase learning and development opportunities for personnel and professionals in the region," said Noel Curran.

"Warsaw is a great place to establish this hub due to its location. As part of the EBU's "Together" strategy, recently adopted at our General Assembly in December, we are committed to demonstrate how our international scope and expertise can deliver services tailored to the individual needs of the communities and Members it serves."

The hub is being strategically located in order to provide training to public media professionals from Poland as well as the Baltic States, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Eastern Partnership countries, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. 

"We are pleased that, thanks to this project our journalists will be able to acquire new skills", said Andrzej Rogoyski, President of Polish Radio.

"We will also be happy to host colleagues from other European countries and believe that with cooperation with the EBU we can learn a lot and facilitate the dissemination of experience and knowledge to our partners."

The signed agreement provides for the implementation of two training sessions a year held at Polish Radio.

"Training in mobile journalism and the use of social media in journalistic work will be at the forefront," said Mariusz Staniszewski from the board of Polish Radio.

"Modern media organizations have to face the necessity of creating various forms of content and using different channels for its distribution, while online content is an absolute priority these days."

The hub is the first of three planned in EBU Member countries.  




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