NEWS published on 30 Sep 2019

Portrait of Millenials: Generation What? results revealed

Generation What? has allowed ten thousand young people - 18 to 35 - from all over Europe and, with the support of the European Union, the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries[1] to freely express themselves about their perception of modern life. The results are now available online, both by region and by country, in Arabic, French and English.

In this unique survey, millennials describe their living conditions, voice their opinions on society, discuss their aspirations and their fears relating to a wide range of topics, including their daily lives, personal relationships, studies, working conditions, leisure, obligations, private life, political outlook, feelings and ideas.

This extensive online consultation was carried out in Europe in 2016 as “Generation What?” and in the Arab countries in 2018 as “Generation What? Arabic” (an EU-funded project), in partnership with local broadcasters, including Members of the EBU in these countries.

“Generation What offers a unique insight into the broad range of experiences which mark these transitional years in young people’s lives” said Nicola Frank, Head of Public Affairs at the EBU. “The results are enriching, sometimes surprising and always interesting”.

The EBU will be celebrating the closing of the project on 14 October at the Residence Palace. Click here for the event page and to register.

Generation What? is a project funded by the European Commission, managed by the EBU, the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), COPEAM and production companies Yami2 and Upian.

The results will be promoted in the responding countries, mostly via OPEN social media. For more information, please sign up to OPEN news alerts and check their social media pages.


[1] Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Lybia, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia.


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