Slovenian referendum backs RTV SLO reforms

The outcome of the recent referendum in Slovenia on a law addressing the governance of RTVSLO has been recognized by the President of the National Assembly and international media federations as a positive step towards safeguarding the independence of public service broadcasting.

62.8% of voters in the referendum supported amendments to a new law governing RTVSLO that aims to eliminate the direct influence of politicians on the public broadcaster’s governance. The law proposes a restructuring of the two current governing councils into a single supervisory body whose 17 members will be appointed and composed of representatives from civil society and RTV SLO employees. The National Assembly, which currently appoints the majority of members, will in future play no role in appointing members to the supervisory body.

The amendments to the law were initiated by Slovenia’s new coalition government and come after a period of unrest at RTVSLO that include strikes lasting over 100 days.

The EBU considers that the proposed reform of the governance of RTVSLO is in line with international best practice and trusts that the public vote of confidence will provide improved safeguards for the institutional autonomy and editorial independence of public service media in Slovenia.

The EBU also hopes that the constructive debate on public service broadcasting in Slovenia will continue and extend to securing stable, adequate and independent funding of this important democratic institution.