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EBU welcomes the Radio Spectrum Policy Group's Draft Opinion

29 August 2023
Antenna for receiving broadcasts via the lower UHF spectrum

The EBU appreciates the comprehensive approach taken by the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) to encompass all aspects of the possible uses of the Lower UHF band. This is crucial infrastructure for Public Service Media (PSM) not only from a technical point of view, but also from a societal perspective. We recognise the difficulty of the task given the diversity among EU Member States and we support the RSPG’s conclusion that a single scenario may not be applicable to all Member States. The current regulation already provides the required flexibility for the different uses and no immediate regulatory changes are necessary.

The EBU notes that all the scenarios for use of this band after 2030 discussed in the draft Opinion retain the use by broadcasting services to different degrees. Broadcasting services are essential for PSM as they provide free-to-air, high-quality content and services that aim to inform, educate and entertain every citizen, wherever they are. They also support national sovereignty in providing reliable information to citizens, vital in times of crisis and in emergency situations. Broadcasting services need to retain access to the 470-694 MHz band well beyond 2030 and possibly until at least 2040.

The EBU welcomes the balanced approach in the Draft Opinion prepared by the RSPG. We provide some specific comments to the different sections in this document. Information on additional 5G Broadcast trials is provided by the EBU at the end of the document for consideration for inclusion in Annex III of the Draft Opinion.

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Vincent Sneed

Senior EU Policy Adviser