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Media sector urges MEPs to vote in favor of meaningful Article 17 in the EMFA

26 September 2023
Media sector urges MEPs to vote in favor of meaningful Article 17 in the EMFA

Today, the media sector reached out to MEPs on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), in support of the CULT Committee’s compromise on Article 17. The organizations - representing thousands of media outlets, journalists, and media workers - urged MEPs to protect editorial content from unjustified and arbitrary actions by platform operators.

Wouter Gekiere, Head of the Brussels Office, EBU, said: “The EMFA’s Article 17 has the potential to rebalance the relationship between platforms and the media when it comes to the tampering with editorial content. Together, we call on MEPs to vote in favor of the meaningful compromise amendment on Article 17. The CULT Committee has shown great leadership into how to ensure media freedom online.”

Article 17 of the CULT report offers media service providers, including journalists, basic guarantees that are a minimum standard of protection from arbitrary behaviour towards editorial content by big tech platforms. If approved by MEPs, it can:

  • Stop VLOPs from having the final say in removing editorial content
  • Prevent platform corporate censorship overriding EU and national media laws and journalistic standards
  • End platforms’ commercial interests being the ultimate driver of driving what people see, hear and read
  • Complement the DSA and thus end legal uncertainties
  • Help counter the spread of disinformation and propaganda by ensuring that professional editorial content remains available to users

Democracy cannot function with media censorship, be it by governments and political interests, or online platforms and their commercial interests. That is why the EMFA needs to provide strong safeguards to protect the freedom of the media, both offline and online.

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