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EBU calls on WIPO Member States to adopt the Broadcasting Treaty to fight piracy

09 April 2024
Image of a television remotely controlled by a telecom to control a video on demand service

On 9 April 2024, the EBU called upon WIPO Member States to recommend the WIPO General Assembly to convene a Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of the WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty.

This is because the misappropriation of broadcast signals has unquestionably expanded worldwide. With the Internet, unauthorised uses of broadcasters' signals result in significant harm to broadcasting organisations. Such actions carry adverse repercussions for society as a whole, particularly when they impact Public Service Media, which are pivotal in preserving cultural diversity, promoting media literacy, and providing the public with independent, high-quality content.

The Draft WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty (SCCR/45/3) represents an effective measure against piracy, establishing global standards to safeguard the programme-carrying signal of broadcasting organizations across national and regional borders. The proposed Treaty has reached a stage of maturity and completeness, requiring only adoption by the Member States to come into effect.

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