Partnership Programme

Offering strategic consultancy, training and assistance if and when you need it

About the Partnership Programme

The EBU Partnership Programme (EPP) provides tailored assistance to Members in particular need of:

  • Strategic consultancy (on development, media law, archiving or digital switchover, etc)
  • Lobbying and representation (with regards to finance or independance)
  • Training 
  • Political mediation

The EPP works in partnership with the broadcaster concerned in a spirit of solidarity, often with the support of the EBU Academy, fellow EBU Members and external organisations.

Operated from within the Director General's Office, the EPP is supported by the EBU Partnership Fund, an extra-budgetary reserve from past surpluses used to finance non-routine services to Members facing limited resources or challenging political circumstances.

The EPP is also supported by grants from the European Union and other international organisations that recognise the importance of public service media to democracy in Europe.

Who qualifies

While any EBU Member may request services, the EPP exists primarily to serve those with very limited financial resources. Members seeking assistance that goes beyond routine services provided by the EBU may request specific services, in keeping with the Union's public service media values.

The EPP assesses eligible Members by taking into account different indicators, including:

  • World Bank statistics*
  • EBU membership fee units paid
  • Member's operating expenditure as a proportion of the country's GDP

*The EPP recognises that Members’ circumstances sometimes change more rapidly than the available official statistics. In such cases, the EPP uses their discretion in consultation with the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and the Director General of the EBU.

Depending on the nature of the service provided, approved requests may be funded either wholly by the EPP, together with the EPP and the requesting Member, or be totally financed by the Member.

How we have helped

Since 2009, the EPP has provided eligible Members with:

  • Access to 700 hours of high-quality European programmes made available by fellow EBU Members
  • In-depth consultancies on strategy development
  • Mentoring in a specific field from one Member expert to a counterpart
  • Scholarships for training through the Eurovision Academy
  • Legal and technical advice from the relevant EBU Departments
  • Representation of the Member’s political and financial interests at the highest government levels

Course tools and documents

Partnership Programme's public service values editorial principles and guideline

EBU Election Principles



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Contact detail

Radka Betcheva
Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe

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