VIDEO TALKS published on 23 Mar 2023

Social media strategy: who are your social media consumers?

How well do we know our social media followers and how inventive is our strategy to keep them engaged? How distinct is your approach whether you are on YouTube or TikTok, and when and why would the social-only consumer switch their identity and become a concertgoer? How ambiguous and mysterious is this relationship? By looking at the way a few selected organizations have their social media platforms and accounts structured, how they are managed and how community-building is positioned on the list of priorities, we try to crack – partly at least – this secret.


BBC Philharmonic social media overview —  Jonathan Murphy (BBC)
NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra media — Nicole Gerstenfeldt (NDR)


Barbara Franck, Head of the Creative Lab, WDR (moderator)
Ewa Bogusz-Moore, General and Programme Director, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice
Nicole Gerstenfeldt, Head of communication, NDR Ensembles
Jonathan Murphy, Senior Project Manager, Audience Development, BBC Philharmonic