VIDEO TALKS published on 27 May 2022

Young Audiences: Ambition accompanied by action can go a long way

It is well known that public service media (PSM) organizations are struggling to remain relevant to young audiences. Yet a significant number of brands and programmes launched by EBU Members are connecting successfully with this age group. This shows that the problem is not that young people are not interested in our brands or remit. On the contrary, during this session, we look at how some PSM organizations show a genuine interest in understanding their young audiences by adopting the right mindset and allocating the necessary resources. They will succeed in connecting with them, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zones and taking risks sometimes.


Moderated by Madiana Asseraf (EBU)
Tuğba Çinarli (TRT)
Bissane Khaîrat (SNRT)
Rahela Štefanović (HRT)