NEWS published on 21 May 2014

Vision2020 Report: Now available as e-Report and free APP

V2020-APP.jpgThe findings and recommendations of the EBU’s yearlong VISION2020 investigation into the shifting public service media landscape are now even more accessible to Members.  

A free English version of the report is now available as:  

  • a handy app, which includes concrete examples collected by colleagues across the EBU Community
  • an eReport, with more detailed information on the trends analysis and recommendations

A French version of the report and the app will be available later this month.

In a joint statement, EBU president Jean-Paul Philippot and director general Ingrid Deltenre said public service broadcasters have “a vital contribution to make by connecting to the networked society and raising our performance levels in the lead-up to 2020 and beyond.”

Their comments echo the central message of the VISION2020 report, which a year-long investigation that garnered the opinion of more than 150 Members and experts from the EBU community.

Project leader Ruurd Bierman urged Members to share the report with colleagues, especially those engaged in planning for the future.  

“This multi-layered report can be read from start to finish in a linear fashion,” Mr Bierman said. “Alternatively, readers can dip into topics of special interest to help craft individual strategies for their organization’s future. Although the case repertoire already numbers more than 150, we invite and even urge you to expand this section by sending further examples to us via the link in the report. As a ‘living’ document the value for you will only increase.”

In endorsing the electronic format, Mr Philippot and Ms Deltenre said the VISION2020 project marked “the start of a permanent collaboration between the EBU and its Members on developing long term strategies.”

“Its deeper value lies not only in its findings, but in the process itself: bringing Members together to establish a framework, support each other in strategy development, and create sustainable models for the years to come,” they said. “The report also provides a solid basis for building relations with other European organisations that share our ideals. As a group, we possess a mountain of knowledge that we are only now beginning to exploit and share. Ours is a community deeply committed to a forward-looking public service.”


VISION2020 website

VISION2020 Full Report

Download the free English version of the AppStore to  your iPad

The HTML5 app for viewing on desktop computers