About the Academy

EBU Academy is the corporate training body of the European Broadcasting Union. Its mission is to enhance the skills of media professionals in order to help them innovate and be at the forefront of change.

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For Media Professionals

The Academy's training programmes are aimed at media professionals from all walks of life. These courses change from year to year to reflect the latest challenges that broadcasters face today:

 Master Classes
Face-to-face training with the industry's top experts. Fosters talent development and know-how that can applied to your daily job.

 Themed Visit
Gain indepth understanding of a media organization and how they tackle specific projects. Meet key professionals in their workplace.

For Media Organizations

Eurovision Academy develops corporate strategy training for EBU Member organizations:

 Setting Up Your Own Academy
Providing you the tools to set up your own academy and develop those who are meant to train others.

 Tailored Training
Based on your specific needs, tailor-made team training delivered onsite.

For Alumni

Keeping in touch with peers is important for continuing the learning process, and the Academy helps through regular meetings of its alumni communities:

 Network & Learn
Learn from peers that share the same duties and responsibilities in a specific field and understand the latest developments, techniques and trends

 Super Execs Alumni Reunion
An annual meeting with graduates of the Executive Programme

 Eurovision Academy Assembly
Our annual gathering for all development professionals in public service media

Special Focus

Embracing Digital

Embracing digital will be a main focus for all public service media - from harnessing production technologies to reshaping news distribution for bundling across cloud, mobile platforms and social media. Public media are currently improving audience experience on multiple platforms and devices and, at every audience touch-point - a challenge that represents uncharted territory. Discover our training on embracing digital.


Implementing Open Innovation (IOI)

Innovation is a crucial stepping-stone for making the transition to a fully digital media organization relevant to all audiences. The Implementing Open Innovation programme, jointly run by our Technology & Innovation team and the Eurovision Academy, examines how innovation is initiated, developed and transferred. Learn more about Implementing Open Innovation.


 Authoring & Programming
Create mobile content; harness the power of videos. Create online storytelling using appropriate media tools for video, audio, pictures and interactive components

 Brands & Values
Understand your market and audience motivations with insights into consumption patterns, new concents and the use of data. Appeal to a generation of millennials and their social and interactive media demands.

 Digital Technologies
Optimize workflows. Identify key innovative tools, technologies and platforms to help you build your future.

 Management & Leadership 
Create a vision; become a more effective manager and shape the future success of your organization. This portfolio includes a mini-MBA for top media executives.

 News & Journalism
Master the skills needed for a multiplatform digital environment; innovate in your news production and create compelling stories to leave your audience feeling empowered.

 Safety & Security
Learn to remain safe in hazardous environments while getting your story out. Corporate-level security issues are also addressed, such as crisis management and cyber and physical security