CASE STUDIES published on 01 Feb 2022

Upholding gender equality with an equality guide

Spain’s public service broadcaster, RTVE has developed an Equality Guide. The work focuses on gender equality. The way women are portrayed in the media with a special focus on gender-based violence. This work is part of RTVE’s commitment to conform with a Spanish government pact against gender-based violence, making it compulsory for government institutions to uphold gender equality.  

It began from the simple notion that language is much more than a means to communicate but can determine our world view.  For example, in the use of the term “domestic violence” RTVE realized the term relegates such violence to the private/domestic sphere making it something that is hidden and needs to be resolved behind closed doors.  Whereas the use of the term gender-based violence moves the problem out into the open, where society is concerned and from where it can be tackled holistically. 

It was to be one of many uses of language that would be reviewed in this extensive work. 

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