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Building and Executing Corporate Strategy: A Practical Workshop

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Strategy affects all aspects of how an organization operates, from providing top-level direction to ensuring that the day-to-day contributes to an organization that moves as one. A well-formed strategic process can be vital in ensuring that staff understand their role and have a route to contribute ideas, while also providing the grounds to measure impact and progress.

This workshop will provide an end-to-end view of the strategic framework and process for a public service media (PSM) company. From the theory of design and collecting information to building a template for planning strategically and communicating the message, our one-day event will provide a framework to allow the identification of principles and pain points.

The workshop is an opportunity for PSM peers to really examine the issues, and to share practical experiences of what worked, what didn’t, and why.


  • What are the basic pillars of corporate strategy, from vision and mission to evaluation and feedback?
  • What levels should strategic planning operate on, who should be involved, and how are decisions made?
  • How to gather information from across the organisation, and how to ensure that the conversations are had and context is added?
  • What are the best ways to communicate the message and get staff to buy into their part of the process?
  • How do we measure results, and how do we iterate the process for continual improvement?

The workshop begins at 15.00 on Tuesday 24th with a visit to VRT for a close look at their strategy process and priorities, followed by a networking dinner. Wednesday 25th is an all-day workshop at the EBU Brussels offices.

Who is it for?

Senior PSM professionals looking to exchange insights, challenge one another, and learn about how to build, execute, and measure strategic processes. Those wishing to better understand the role and opportunities that strategy plays in communicating direction, encouraging collaboration, and allowing a measure of organisational coherency.

This event is brought to you as a collaboration between Digital Transformation Initiative and the Strategy Team.

Please contact us directly if you would like to attend the event.


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