On 17 October 2022, the AI and Data Initiative and Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) are co-organizing a micro-workshop on Synthetic Humans, with the aim to explore the topic of digitally synthetized humans such as deepfakes in media productions: What are the future opportunities and dangers involved in using such technologies in the context of PSM, as well as their ethical, legal and technical challenges? How are synthetic humans perceived in-house and by audiences? What direction is this technology taking? What have our Members learned about working with them so far? 

This interactive workshop will include keynotes by Robert Kaiser (BR) and Danilo Pejakovc (BR), as well as group discussions and co-creation activities.

Keynote Speakers

Robert Kaiser studied Electrical and Communication Engineering in Munich and Augsburg. His professional career began in Information Technology and took him to the US for a few years. After a few extra stops, he joined the South German public media company Bayerischer Rundfunk, became the team leader of an archiving and media systems unit in 2008. In 2015 he took his present role of Department leader of Business Systems and Solutions, followed in 2020 by the additional role of Patent Manager for his division, which he complemented with a certificate of the University Koblenz. Currently, his focus has been on Synthetic Media in the context of public service media.

Danilo Pejakovic studied Production and Media Economics and the university for Television and Film Munich. During that time he worked as an director for commercials and produced several short films as well as a feature length documentary. Today he is studying Media Informatics (Master’s degree) at the University of Munich with the goal to connect the worlds of IT, creativity and media economics. As a part of his studies he is working at BR in Software Development, and researching AI-related topics such as deepfakes and other synthetic media.

Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about taking part in this micro-workshop.