About the event

EBU Digital Media Days in Prague (March 2018)

Digital Media Days is an exciting forum and networking event for all media professionals, with a focus on the digital future.

The 2-day conference brings together commissioning and planning editors, producers and creative staff from all types of programming and media. This includes everyone from young talent starting out in digital media to seasoned media experts looking to explore the latest digital trends.

Get inspired by the best EBU Members have to offer in the digital sector.

This year's conference is now sold out, however watch out for online content on ebu.ch shortly after the event.


Welcoming - Wed 20 Mar

Welcome event  (19:00)

On Wednesday evening, meet and mingle with your colleagues from all over Europe and beyond. The venue will be announced soon.

Day 1 - Thu 21 Mar

Workshops (09:00 - 12:00)
Conference (Part 1 / 13:00 - 18:15)

The day will kick off with three parallel workshops (exclusively for EBU Members) while the main conference will start at lunch time.
The main conference will be split in two parts: the first on Thursday afternoon and the second on Friday morning.

Each participant registering for the main conference will have the opportunity to also select one workshop to attend, at no extra charge.

These three workshops will be targeting the VOX, SOCIAL MEDIA and KIDS communities, giving them the chance to exchange ideas and best practice, while working together in these fields.


Kids Workshop Agenda

VOX Workshop Agenda

Social Media Workshop Agenda

Day 2 - Fri 22 Mar

Conference (Part 2 / 09:00 - 13:00)

The second part of the main conference will be in the morning, ending at around midday.

We will be discussing topics such as new distribution models, digital products, key trends to be looking at, understanding and connecting with the audiences, the civic role of PSM, and much more!


DMD 2019 - Schedule Overview

DMD 2019 - Agenda

Conference Day Speakers


Day 1


Session 1 - Shaping A Future For All

 Shaping A Future For All - Keynote - Jan Helin  Members Only
 Project 1968: Radio Across Platforms - Edita Kudláčová, Zuzana Matějovská  Members Only
 7 Lives: A Digital Tale - Annick Jakobowicz  Members Only
 SVT SpråkPlay - Creating Public Value While Building New Audiences - Are Nundal, Niss Jonas Carlsson,  Members Only
 Data Driven Art - Dries Depoorter  Members Only

Session 2 - The Unlimited Audience

 Web Fiction: Storytelling for New Digital Platforms – Panel Discussion - Jeroen Depraetere, Alberto Fernández Torres, Cathrine Simonsen, Sened Dhab  Members Only
 How to Make Things Better? A Panel Discussion on Building Audience Engagement and Trust – Based on the 2018 EBU News Report - Maike Olij, Peder Meisner, Baldvin Thor Bergsson, Matej Praprotnik  Members Only

Session 3 - Digital Experiences

Day 2


Session 4 - Mastering Distribution

 Social Video: Co-watching, Interactivity and Community - Patrick Walker  Members Only
 From Black and White to Second Screening - How Is the Distribution of the Eurovision Song Contest Evolving - Stefano Salucci, Jon Ola Sand, Ignacio Gomez Hernandez, Helena Nilsson  Members Only

Session 5 - Key Trends

 Key Trends - Keynote - Lucie Greene  Members Only
 The Potential of VTubers - Ichiro Tagami  Members Only
 VOX: Challenges and Opportunities of an Expanding Audio Market - Tamar Charney, Tomas Granryd  Members Only

Workshop Sessions


Vox Workshop

 US is already in the future of Smart Speakers - Tamar Charney, Tomas Granryd  Members Only
 Member Focus - Voice Technology in Cars - Ben Poor  Members Only

Kids Workshop

 EBU Kids: a revamped strategy - Madiana Asseraf  Members Only
 Lik meg (Like me) - Cathrine Simonsen  Members Only
 Base Z - Cathrine Simonsen  Members Only
 Ragnarok Liga - Lasse Jørgensen  Members Only
 Move against bullies: how to make your idea go viral - Maarten Janssen  Members Only
 Coding with the Mouse – From Consumer to Prosumer - Matthias Körnich  Members Only


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Senior Project Manager
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