NEWS published on 23 Feb 2017

TVR completes peer-to-peer review

TVR completes peer-to-peer review
EBU Head of Media Jean Philip De Tender addresses TVR

Romanian Member TVR is the latest broadcaster to complete the EBU’s peer-to-peer review.

The peer-to-peer review is designed to assess a broadcaster’s performance against the six core public service values: universality, independence, excellence, diversity, accountability and innovation. Brian Dalton from RTE in Ireland and Andreas Lattmann from SSR SRG in Switzerland joined EBU staff Boris Bergant, Richard Burnley, Jean Philip De Tender and Nathalie Labourdette to conduct the review of TVR’s performance.

The review concluded that TVR needed to define a clear vision and better understanding of its role as a public service media organization in order to differentiate itself from the commercial alternatives. This vision would form the basis of a new global content and branding strategy and a renewed relationship with Romanian society.

The report says: “Public service media organizations (PSM) contribute to building national cohesion out of diversity, providing balanced and factual news and fostering transparency and accountability. As such, they contribute to the democratic culture and the plurality of the national identity. PSM provide a public space to showcase the richness of a country's culture and important national events. This differentiates PSM from the national commercial offer and from international global content.”

Financial and political issues at the broadcaster, as well as instability in senior management, have hampered TVR from developing a long-term vision in the past. But a new team are now in place to take on the challenges raised in the report.

Senior EBU Consultant Boris Bergant said: “There is no doubt TVR faces numerous challenges over the forthcoming years but it now has a good understanding of the key issues it needs to tackle and how to overcome them.

“The EBU will be there to support TVR as it works towards putting audiences back at the heart of its strategy and re-establishing itself as the trusted media of choice for the people of Romania.”

Irina Radu, TVR’s President Director General, said it was essential for TVR to change in order to survive. With guidance from the peer-to-peer review and an increased income, she said: “We should focus now on our reforms, convince the Parliament to vote for new laws, convince the employees to change their priorities...and convince the public to give us back their trust, attention and time.”

The final report is now available and highlights best practices that could also serve as a model for other EBU Members. RTE will be the next EBU Member to undergo a review.


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