NEWS published on 16 Jun 2017

EBU fund sets off "Quake" in radio drama world

EBU fund sets off "Quake" in radio drama world
Photo: BBC

Thanks to support from the new EBU Radio Innovation Fund, listeners can now what it is like to survive an earthquake, in the 12-part BBC Radio 4 drama series "Quake".

Radio 4's first venture into virtual reality radio involves an ambitious online drama centred on the search for survivors after a deadly earthquake.

Written by Glyn Maxwell and produced by Sharon Sephton, "Quake" is made up of a dozen short-form audio dramas, each available online only and accompanied by animation in the style of a graphic novel, alongside an immersive 360° 3D film of the series' first episode, "Trapped Man".

The film sets the scene for the rest of the series and takes place inside a collapsed building. Viewers watching on VR headsets on YouTube and the Radio 4 website become a central character in the drama. As their eyes become accustomed to the darkness, sights and sounds of their surroundings become apparent.

Each stand-alone episode recounts the story of a different individual caught up in an earthquake, and their stories interweave in a gripping non-linear narrative.

Radio 4 Digital Editor Rhian Roberts says: "Quake is an exciting innovation in how we offer Radio 4 drama to new and existing audiences. The slow-paced visuals offer an extra dimension to each episode, but it's always the audio drama that leads the way."

Graham Dixon, EBU Head of Radio, adds: "It is a pleasure to see one of the first projects funded by the EBU Radio Innovation Fund come to fruition.  We are keen to support Members in breaking the boundaries and sharing their insights with the wider community.  Public media thrives on finding new ways to engage the public."

All 12 episodes can be accessed from the BBC Quake programme page.

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