10 most read Legal and Policy articles of 2022

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In 2022, the policy landscape shifted dramatically for public service media with the conclusion of the Digital Services Package and launch of the European Media Freedom Act. The EBU's Legal & Policy team was there, each step of the way, informing Members and advocating for their interests towards the EU Institutions. Below you can find the list of the top 10 most popular articles from the Legal & Policy team. We have also compiled a list of top 10 downloads from the Legal & Policy team.

The ranking

10  Digital Services Act: Is this the end of the road?

The EU's deal is a crucial step towards ensuring more transparency, safety, and accountability for Internet users.

9 European broadcasting and cultural industry call to Europe: Save our Spectrum

57 stakeholders from 18 European countries "Call to Europe" to preserve the Lower UHF Band for broadcasting & PMSE

8 The Digital Services Act must safeguard freedom of expression online

The media sector reminds lawmakers that, without the proper DSA policies in place, platforms will to have free rein on what content is seen by who.

7 “A European Perspective”: using ground-breaking technology to foster greater understanding between citizens in Europe

A pioneering digital news service offers audiences multilingual coverage of major news stories from 12 public service newsrooms

6 Trusted news from public service media keeps disinformation at bay

Objective, trustworthy news from different European countries delivered in real-time to the public in the local language, is the goal of ‘A European Perspective'.

5 Digital Services Act: Final recommendations from European Media Associations

As the DSA negotiations conclude, we share a final call to safeguard freedom of expression online as well as the sustainability of digital editorial media offerings.

4 European Media Freedom Act: Striking the Right Balance

The EBU is pleased that the EMFA recognizes the vital role of public service media in Europe.

3 European Media Freedom Act: The EBU’s response to the public consultation

As the European Commission prepares its European Media Freedom Act, the EBU has submitted its input to the public consultation. We share the Commission’s concerns that levels of democracy have declined.

2 Three improvements to the Digital Services Act

Wouter Gekiere, Head of the EBU's Brussels office, notes his priorities for the Digital Services Act

1 European Parliament adopts the Digital Services Package, setting the bar high for online platforms

The European Parliament adopted the DSA and the DMA; Public Service Media welcome this major step.


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