RESEARCH published on 05 Sep 2023

Public Service Media's Competitive Environment

The media market is becoming increasingly competitive, with new players constantly disrupting the status quo. So what does public service media's competitive environment look like?

This report looks at a wide range of competitors from all sides of the industry providing benchmark figures and insights about the largest commercial media groups across Europe. It aims to present a European perspective on PSM’s renewed competitive environment by looking at five key areas of competition and disruption.

The report focuses on selected commercial media groups with both international presence and relevant audiovisual resources while also looking into four categories of competitors: European media groups, non-European content giants and social media groups (mainly from the US), European telecom operators and tech and device giants (mainly from the US and East Asia).

Want a more complete picture of your competitive environment? Then read our two reports on the subject, Internet and Tech Giants and Commercial Media Groups


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