CASE STUDIES published on 03 Feb 2021

DTI Casebook Series: RTVE and YouTube

When it comes to third-party platforms, for Public Service Media (PSM) it is hard enough just establishing mutual trust, yet alone building a genuinely collaborative working relationship. Yet this is the case for Spanish public broadcaster Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE), so what is behind their success?

In this Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) case, we look at how RTVE started their collaboration way back in 2006, the risks they took, and how the success of the partnership actually led to changing the mindset inside the company.

This case study is one of a series illustrating the DTI Enablers Framework, a model developed by the EBU for understanding the dynamics of digital transformation for PSM. The story of RTVE’s long, tactical investment in their relationship with YouTube falls into the category of Strategic Partnerships, clearly illustrating how these kinds of collaborative alliances are vital for digital transformation.

The DTI Casebook Series build on the insights first presented in the Digital Transformation Initiative Casebook.