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How do we re-organize in a post-silo world? A look into SVT's value streams model

In 2020, SVT started a process to change their broadcast-oriented activities into a greater and more extensive SVT Play, the video-on-demand service. This transformation involved the re-organization into value streams: work is now organized around the value SVT Play delivers to its audiences, its employees, and the broadcaster itself.

These values are defined by the leadership, but how they are delivered is decided at the team level. Teams can be made up of individuals reporting to many different departments, and therefore, more strikingly, drawing from different departmental budgets.

About 20 teams are now working in the value streams model, all working towards the ultimate goal of increasing retention on SVTPlay. This means everything from content planning, exposure, communication outside our platforms, form and navigation and the video experience itself - should increase the number of weekly users by making our monthly users return more often.

In this online session, you will get the chance to discover more about this project and ask questions to key team members who designed and managed it.

In September 2022, the DTI brought together 10 organisations to look into the big structural questions faced by PSM as they transform (click here for more information). This online workshop is a follow on to this event and the ongoing work of the group. Please get in touch if you would like to know more


Malin Ströman

CPO, SVT Online, SVT (Sweden)


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