Women Executives in Media

The Women Executives in Media (WEM) network, created in 2013, promotes exchanges and discussions among women media professionals. It provides a forum for women media executives to meet, exchange and support women’s experiences, opportunities and influence in the media industry through:

  • a yearly meeting at a broadcaster’s headquarters
  • opportunities to meet key industry personalities, scholars and influential public figures
  • a mentoring system: senior executives coaching talented younger female executives
  • a network promoting personal and professional development and collaboration


Recommendation CM/Rec(2013)1 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on gender equality and media adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 10 July 2013 (available in French also)

Charter for equal opportunities for women in broadcasting (pdf) adopted on the occassion of the EBU/European Commission conference in London, 5 May 1995

Council conclusions - "Advancing Women’s Roles as Decision-makers in the Media" from the Council of the European Union (pdf)

"Framework of Actions on Gender Equality", Executive Summary from the EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (.pdf)

"Gender Equality in the EU Audiovisual Sector", Brochure from the EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (pdf)

Toolkit and Indicators

"Gender-sensitive indicators for media: Framework of indicators to gauge gender sensitivity in media operations and content" from UNESCO (.pdf)

"FIA Charter: For Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities" from the International Federation of Actors (.pdf)

"Handbook of Good Practices to Combat Gender Stereotypes and Promote Equal Opportunities in Film, Television and Theatre in Europe" from the International Federation of Actors (.pdf)


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Nathalie Labourdette
Head of EBU Academy
+41 22 717 21 46

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Women Executives in Media 5th Meeting: Women and Sport
07 - 08 Feb 2018
Helsinki, Finland