GUIDES published on 16 Apr 2018

Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation (Second Edition)

The second edition of this Status Report for the Digital Transformation Initiative advances further our aim of helping Members understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming.
We have organized two workshops, in September 2017 and February 2018, involving a total of 19 EBU Members. The second workshop enabled us to refine this report and further develop our digital transformation framework.

This status report has three main aims:

  • Stimulate a culture of peer learning about digital transformation by describing some of the actions and practices at PSM in transformation.
  • Propose a definition and framework for digital transformation in the context of PSM.
  • Equip EBU Members with input for internal discussion on the need for digital transformation, along with tools for self-assessment, prioritization and measurement.

In this updated report, we have refined the key terminology of the framework in response to our ongoing consultation and analysis.

Our top-level goals now have a greater emphasis on the cultural changes that underpin digital transformation processes, and our enablers reflect the critical role that digital skills and talent management play in long-term success.

The Digital Transformation Initiative is an iterative process, of which this report is a milestone. A wider set of related tools and services is in development.

EBU Members are invited to send all feedback directly to Sasha Scott, DTI Research and Project Lead (

About the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative

The EBU’s Digital Transformation Initiative aims to provide Members with tools and insights that can help them understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming PSM.
It is a cross-departmental initiative, driven by EBU Members and EBU Media with the full support of the EBU Technology & Innovation, EBU Public Affairs & Communications and EBU Legal.
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EBU DTI workgroup:

Madiana Asseraf, Head of EBU Media Strategy & Development | EBU Media
Alexandra Brenkman, Senior Media Analyst | EBU Media Intelligence Service
Jeroen Depraetere, Head of Television | EBU Media
Graham Dixon, Head of Radio | EBU Media
Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital | EBU Media
Nicola Frank, Head of European Affairs | EBU Public Affairs & Communications
Hans Hoffmann, Head of Media Fundamentals & Production Technologies | EBU T&I
Justyna Kurczabinska, Head of Eurovision News Exchange | EBU Media
Hélène Rauby-Mata, Business Development Manager | EBU Academy
Roberto Suarez Candel, Head of EBU Media Intelligence Service