Governance and Internal Audit

Coordinating the activities of the Union’s governing bodies and ensuring the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes

What we do

Our Corporate Governance unit organizes and structures the meetings of the EBU’s governing bodies in accordance with the EBU Statutes and Bye-Laws and in respect of international best practices for corporate governance. The EBU governing bodies consist of: the General Assembly, the Executive Board, Personnel & Audit Committees (advisory bodies reporting directly to the Executive Board) as well as the Operations Council.

In ensuring best corporate governance practice, the Internal Audit function plays a key role in constantly evaluating governance processes and ethics within the organization as well as communicating risk and control information, which allows the Audit Committee to perform its control function as an advisory body to the Executive Board.  The work of the Internal Audit function also provides critical added value to the Management as an independent source of objective assurance and assessment.

Note: After a sucessful login, EBU Members can access the Executive Board meeting minutes and the General Assembly minutes

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