Spectrum has become a scarcer resource as a result of the increased use of wireless technologies, in particular mobile data traffic. Broadcasters have undertaken major investments which freed up a significant portion of spectrum for mobile data, whilst increasing choice and quality for TV viewers. However, further diversion of spectrum resources away from broadcasting risks compromising the future of digital TV, and undermining universal access to public service media.

The European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) introduces an updated regulatory toolkit that EU Member States have at their disposal. EECC addresses issues such as must-carry obligations, ex-ante access rules, interoperability of TV and Radio reception equipment and radio spectrum management, all of which have direct impact on the availability and quality of radio and audiovisual media services for citizens.



  • Ensure sufficient spectrum for digital terrestrial television


  • Sustain a vibrant European audiovisual landscape


  • Take an evidence-based approach to future spectrum allocation


  • Adopt up-to-date must-carry rules


  • Enforce fair competition and restrict 'gatekeeper power' with ex-ante


  • Promote interoperable radio reception and the uptake of digital radio



13 MAY 2022

Lower UHF Spectrum: Priorities For Best Use

The EBU urges negotiators to protect the current agreement on how to use the lower UHF band.

13 JANUARY 2022

Public Service Media contributes to 2022 work programme of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group

Public service media generate substantial social and cultural value with the use of the radio spectrum.


Spectrum policy to help combat climate change - EBU contributes to public consultation

Read the EBU's response to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group’s (RSPG) consultation on its draft Opinion on “the role of spectrum policy to help combat climate change”

13 APRIL 2021

EBU contributes to consultations around the EU's future Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

The EBU has given input to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group's opinion on the EU's future Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

31 JULY 2020

EBU response to BEREC’s consultation on the “5G Radar” and the “Guide to the BEREC 5G Radar”

The EBU's input to the public consultation on the draft ‘Guide to the BEREC 5G Radar’ and ‘5G Radar’

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