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Providing public service media decision makers with continuous updates on the most relevant media trends and policy changes

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Our Knowledge & Information Service (KIS) is the essential 'go-to' source for keeping up to date with the latest developments that directly affect the business of your public media organisation. Our team gathers, organises and distributes continuous updates on the most relevant media trends and policy or regulatory changes impacting public service media.


News2know is a web monitoring service that sifts through hundreds of sources each day covering all European stakeholders, such as public and commercial broadcasters, related industries, civil society, think tanks, research institutes, sports agencies and federations, policymakers and more. We send you the most important regulatory, legal, economic, political and technological stories of the day. 

News2know is your service and we are constantly striving to make it an even better and more powerful tool to help you in your day-to-day work. You'll not only be informed but also be able to share and connect with other EBU members which have similar interests and challenges.

If you find the daily news flow overwhelming or have very specific research interests, a fully searchable database of all past articles and more (around 22,500 records dating back from 2007) is also available (valid login required).

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OJEU Digest

OJEU Digest is a regular notification service for EBU Members. It involves close monitoring of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) to alert legal advisers and public affairs representatives of any media issues arising from EU texts.

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