What is at stake?

Under the right conditions, 5G can be beneficial to EBU Members in content production and distribution. 5G could prove valuable for both public and private sectors; it could deliver soon and help bridge the digital divide rather than widen it. This outcome is however not a given. For it to happen, a spirit of innovation and collaboration is needed, as are the right technology choices and appropriate regulatory guidelines.

The European Commission has had 5G on its agenda for some time, pushing for its rapid take-up in the EU. To ensure that 5G meets future requirements, the EBU and its Members are involved in standardization and a number of technical trials. Once deployed, 5G should help EBU Members fulfill their remit.

Support the development and exploitation of the full potential of 5G to serve media industries, including PSM

Verticals, such as the broadcasting industry, should also be able to own and operate their own 5G networks for specific purposes, e.g. as wireless production infrastructure for live event coverage, factory-wide networks and data infrastructure for other use-cases.

Ensure that public value content and services can reach all citizens in the 5G context

Large-scale content distribution over 5G should be technically and economically sustainable, i.e. affordable for both content providers and their audiences. Wide-area coverage and high penetration of compliant user devices will be crucial. 5G should support content delivery free at the point of consumption. That means it should not be limited to subscription-based usage models.

Promote network architectures and spectrum arrangements that facilitate coexistence of 5G with the existing and future terrestrial broadcast networks

It should be possible to run (“deploy”) 5G on network infrastructure other than mobile, such as terrestrial broadcast towers and satellite, to complement the mobile infrastructure. Combining the strengths of several infrastructures, and using each technology to its highest potential would allow 5G broadcast coverage over very large areas to be achieved quickly and cost-efficiently, with minimum impact on the existing broadcast networks. Read our tech-i magazine issue on "Understanding 5G and what it can be" for more information.


European Digital Principles: the EBU's response to a public consultation

The EBU has responded to the European Commission’s public consultation on the formulation of a set of digital principles to promote and uphold EU values in the digital space. 

04 AUGUST 2021

EBU's response to the European Commission consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass

In our response to the European Commission targeted consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass, we stress the need for PSM to be able to reach all communities, particularly in emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

31 JULY 2020

EBU response to BEREC’s consultation on the “5G Radar” and the “Guide to the BEREC 5G Radar”

The EBU's input to the public consultation on the draft ‘Guide to the BEREC 5G Radar’ and ‘5G Radar’

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